JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

"Foreigner" day again

A felicitous three of fives and one scene I'd love to see onscreen someday (possibly because to me the thought of seeing something like the Chi-Cheemaun hitting a beach in the middle of a nighttime firefight would be pretty impressive). Y'know, once we have a director who can safely work with atevi actors. ;-) From "Inheritor":
"Bren!" Jase said, and distracted him to the side, where firelit movement out on the water caught his eye.
Something huge was coming in from the sea, past the wreck of the yacht, like some floating white monster with a mouth gaping dark and wide, an incredible sight, lit by the fire of the burning boat.
It rammed itself onto the sand between them and the wrecked yacht down the beach. A broad ramp came thumping down and a tide of atevi poured out onto the beach, guns in hand. The sign on the superstructure said Dur-Saduri.
"God," he said, as fire spattered across the beach.
"What is it?" Jase asked.
He said, faintly, not quite believing his own conclusion. "I think it's the Dur island ferry."
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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