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Another even-day beloved series

A trilogy this time: John Varley's Gaia. Love a strong, well-rounded female character? Captain Cirocco "Rocky" Jones is that and more. Aeryn and Zoe would be in awe. And the Titanides seem so mythologically familiar at first sight but are so very different from what one expects based on their appearance (these two images are illustrations from the first volume of the series). And the story? Well it's one helluvanamazing, years-spanning adventure, full of twists and turns and a lot of zigging when you expected it to zag.
From "Titan":
Cirocco took a step forward, and the Titanide put a hand to her mouth, then held it out in a quick gesture.
"Look out!" she called. "Please be cautious."
For a split second Cirocco wondered what the Titanide was talking about, but that was quickly buried in astonishment. The Titanide had not spoken English, Russian, or French, which until that moment had been the only languages Cirocco knew.

The three volumes in the Gaia trilogy are, in order:
Titan (my copy has black and white illustrations throughout)
Wizard (my copy has a page spanning colour frontispiece; no other illustrations)
Demon (not illustrated)
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