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Even day, another book series we have loved (and still do)

Ah, the late Harry Harrison. Creator of Jim DiGriz, the legendary Stainless Steel Rat. Jason dinAlt of the various Deathworlds. "Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers" (which has the BEST ending twist, especially considering when it was written)). And alongside those adventure romps avec humour, grimmer stuff such as Make Room! Make Room! (note that the whole soylent green is people thing only exists in the movie ... the novel didn't need to resort to this kind of cheesy sensationalism to be an attention grabber)

But for the minimum daily dose of pure zaniness it's hard to top the Bill the Galactic Hero series ... chockablock with military absurdity and homages to every classic bit o' science fiction (print and film) that didn't get away fast enough. The original novel was written in 1965, followed long after by six sequels co-authored with other writers from 1989 to 1991 (and all featuring inserts of Bill's own souvenir photos of his adventures). From "Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Zombie Vampires" (how many seconds will it take you to recognize what's being spoofed here? ***GRIN***):
"Watch out!" cried Bill as the pod split open and a creature popped out.
"Yow!" Caine screamed, swinging at the alien wiht his flashlight. "That hurt!"
"Keep it down," called Bruiser. "You're making enough noise to wake da dead."
Together Bill and Caine beat on the cute little baby monster until it quit moving.
"Good thing it's so dark in here," said Bill. "If I was able to see good, I would never have been able to kill such a cute little thing. You'd be one dead android."
"I don't understand," said Caine, shaking. "I was sure they wouldn't attack me. I must have misjudged their adaptability."
"You want to take this carcass?" asked Bill, playing his light on the squashed pile of fur and feathers, already feeling guilty for dispatching the cute little critter. "Maybe study it a little bit?"
"No thanks," said Caine. "It tried to kill me. Something this deadly should be eradicated from the face of the universe, not put in zoos or laboratories where they might escape and wreak all kinds of havoc."

Edited to add: Silly me, forgot the title list. The volumes in this series, in order (to follow the proper sequence of Bill's various new feet) is:
Bill the Galactic Hero
Bill the Galactic Hero: The Planet of Robot Slaves
Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled Brains (with Robert Sheckley)
Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Tasteless Pleasure (with David Bischoff)
Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Zombie Vampires (with Jack C. Haldeman II)
Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Ten Thousand Bars (with David Bischoff)
Bill the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure (with David M. Harris)
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