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Another random book tease on an even-numbered day

Not a series today ... a single book. But what a book! George Macdonald Fraser's "The Pyrates" is the ultimate homage to old-fashioned swashbuckler movies ... jampacked with pirates (of course), swordplay, dastardly villains and villainesses, squeaky-clean heroes, vamping heroines, adventures only Hollywood could come up with, every anachronism and film cliché the author figured he could get away with, and a few really-were-larger-than-life historical figures thrown in. It's hilarious and crazy and witty and, while I've lost count of how many times I've already re-read my copy, it's guaranteed that I'll regularly keep pulling it out of the bookcase to read yet again for the rest of my life, assured that it will never ever be boring even if I manage to memorize the whole thing.

"Connaissais, imperfec' indicative!" Happy Dan was chortling, amidst rapturous applause from his followers. "Et aussis, connaître -- the future! How's about that, hein?" His crew stamped and shouted, while Blood considered and rejected various means of escape as feverishly as Vanity, behind her screen, was running through a selection of garments. Thus by the time the Colonel had decided against swimming (too far), floating ashore in barrels (too slow) and building a raft (sure to attract attention), the fair captive had discarded mauve taffeta, flowered silk , see-through scarlet nylon (not safe, she felt, in view of Blood's propensities), and cloth of gold, and had emerged in a most becoming maroon velvet number with her hair up. Blood was peering out of the stern window, and swearing foully.
"There's no boat!" he cried. "Jayzus, trust the French! Whoever heard of o' pirate ship without a small boat moored 'neath the stern an' provisioned wi' all necessities, so that fugitives can light out unseen!"
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