JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Once more, this time following ALL the instructions ...

One advantage knitting has over sewing ... it takes longer because you are making your own fabric but if you screw up, for that very reason you can easily rip it out and reconstruct it (same for crochet). A lesson to me not to get complacent once I've got the hang of something ... in this case most of the twenty rows that make up one repetition of the overall stitch design are symmetrical opposites but a couple are not. And the first instance of nonsymmetry is where I messed up ... I just automatically did the symmetry thing for the second half of the row instead of paying close attention and seeing the slight difference in the stitch sequence; caught it for the second non-symmetrical row becasue I was knitting it a couple days later and so reading more carefully to refresh my memory of how the thing went. At least I caught it early (instead of, say, after I was 200 rows in) ... right now the piece doesn't look drastically different from the first attempt but the flaw would have been very visible once I'd completed further correctly done repetitions it could be compared to.

Tags: knitting

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