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New music!

Brad Podray of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew has released a second "soundtrack" album under his Maximalism persona ... this one's called Soundtrack for a Greater Adventure. Like his previous album in this genre, Soundtrack for a Brief Adventure, it's a fun listen; there's just something so freeing about listening to soundtrack-style music that isn't already connected to particular scenes ... your mind gets to wander and fill in its own scenarios to go with what it's hearing. Occurred to me while in the shower after listening to the whole thing the first time (good ideas happen in the shower ... all that hot water hitting the head, stimulating the blood circulation in the brain) that these soundtracks might be useful as a practice exercise for my buddies who are writers, since I know most of them look for ways to continue to hone their skills ... play a random track and write a snippet that fits it.

Podray has both soundtracks available as play-on-the-site or as free downloads, with an option to pay him if you wish. No I don't work for him or even know him ... I just enjoy his music and he does ask, very nicely, that his listeners spread the word. :-D
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