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Even day, random book tease ...

Later than usual today, I know ... friend and I went up to Edelweiss in the northwest quadrant for dinner and food shopping (I had pork schnitzel, red cabbage, hot German potato salad and a bottle of a rather tasty pineapple/ginger drink; came home with a good supply of kale hash, Roka cheese biscuits, maple ice wine candy, Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips, plus a container of Ghirardelli mocha hot chocolate since September means that even the sweltering days tend to start off chilly). But on to the book ...

Feeling patriotic (must be that maple ice wine candy) so today's tease is Canadian: Anthony Bidulka's Russell Quant series ... private eye mysteries set in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From "Flight of Aquavit":
Waking up on a bed of straw with my friend's partner in a barn in the middle of nowhere justifiably made that particular Christmas Eve day the most peculiar I'd ever had.
The titles, in order, in the Russell Quant series are:
Amuse Bouche
Flight of Aquavit
Tapas on the Ramblas
Stain of the Berry
Sundowner Ubuntu
Aloha, Candy Hearts
Date with a Sheesha
Dos Equis
Tags: bookseries: russellquant, reading

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