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A successful morning

Had to get to a bank machine this morning to acquire some o' that ol'-fashioned paper spending stuff (lunch truck that shows up at work daily is a cash-only thing and I like to avoid using my tab privileges ... Y. deserves to be paid on the spot) and decided to combine that with yet another try at repopulating my jeans inventory since a branch of my bank is just across the street from Chinook Centre (my last try was at the smaller Southcentre where my optometrist hangs his shingle). No traditional denims in my size in stock at the larger Northern Reflections shop at Chinook either but managed to score a couple of pairs of colour jeans, one in each of the two styles that fits me well: Weekend in a dark chocolate (notes jacket description on jeans page ... these guys really have to start proofreading their website) and Town in a delicious deep purple (there are no Town jeans on the website at all so I've obviously purchased imaginary pants). The Town is available in a deep teal as well (very happy to see the purple/teal combo back in fashion this year, at least at this chain), but no sign of any in my size (amused by the way salesperson was going through every rack in the store insisting that she KNEW they had my size in teal because she'd put them all out on the floor herself yesterday ... guess she has to have a word with her coworkers about selling the stock when she's not looking ***GRIN***). But I'm happy to have improved my wardrobe options and I have discount coupons to use should I go back in search of teal (now if the things were ON the website I could just order a pair delivered to the store for me to pick up)

After that, a quick Body Shop stop to restock on cleanser and still managed to get back home before the day started to hot up. :-) Now starting to contemplate trimming the stems off that big bag of freshly-picked green beans I got at the butcher shop ... they are SO nummy when I just steam 'em a bit (so they're still crisp), then pop them into the fridge so I can eat them chilled with a dollop of Mighty Caesar. Perfect hot day fare!

P.S. Occurs to me to add re the jeans since I recall anotheranon linking to an article about this a while back: really good, usefully sized pockets both front and back! And front pockets properly yoked so that they don't get that "strained" look that makes even loose pants look two sizes too small. (actually NR can generally be counted on for decent pockets that are actually adjusted for female shape instead of being constructed identically to menswear ... another reason besides the fit that I like their pants)
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