JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


More childhood nostalgia listening to the "The Brothers-In-Law" tonight (and loving that my cataloguing software talks to iStuff and has no problem playing those music files on its own much-nicer-than-Windows-or-iTunes player)

Those lovely rambling mile-long lyric lines at the end of "Camping" that somehow manage to scan in the same way as the much shorter ones:
For the hotdogs are charred and the bacon's too hard and the coffee's gone cold and the bread's getting moldy the usual plan is to eat from a can when you're camping
And you want to go home where at least you could eat from a plate but you can't so pretend that it's great and it sounds so delightful I hardly can wait
To go camping.

(yes, those first two really are sung as single lines despite their internal rhyming; no, the vocalist doesn't speed up to make 'em fit either)
Tags: listening, silliness

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