JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Finally succumbed

Thanks to timcharmorbien posting about their bathroom remodeling project, I've just broken down and loaded iTunes onto my computer.

Yes, there is a logical connection between these two things (or at least what passes for logic in my brain). Reading about bathroom remodel reminds self of song learned in childhood about remodeling a bathroom. Wracks brain trying to remember lyrics (did pretty good too ... only fuzzy on an occasional word here and there). Song is by rather obscure Canadian band that was only briefly active in the late sixties/early seventies ... have one precious and elderly cassette tape dubbed from original LPs owned by own parents and parents of brother-in-law's parents (laughing to self at this point because band was called "The Brothers-in-Law"). Decide on impulse to check YouTube ... none of their stuff has ever been there (or anywhere else online) in the past, but the 'net is evergrowing. Amazing, there are actually three of their recordings in there! Though not "The Handyman's Lament". Waitamminnit! That one's a CD label! Note company name, Google it, hit website, discover they have ALL four LPs available for purchase as downloads. But only through iTunes. ***sigh***

So nostalgia wins. 'cause the nostalgia is strong ... my sibs and I were singing about birth control pills and Batman and Robin's suspected sexualities and censorship and Peyton Place (okay, that one's a little dated) and other varied and interesting topics long before we were old enough to understand what the heck we were actually singing about. ;p
Tags: listening

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