JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

And since I'm reading it anyway ....

... an extra book tease. For something Canadian. Because what could be more Canadian than a mystery series about a gay detective living in Saskatoon? ;-)

From "Stain of the Berry", the fourth Russell Quant novel by Anthony Bidulka:
"Y'know," I said, leaning in towards Anthony, suddenly wanting to talk about this. "I wouldn't mind the age thing so much if there weren't so many reminders. I was paying for gas the other day and this young dude behind the counter complimented my wallet and asked where I got it. I thought, hey, a hip young guy thinks I have a hip young wallet. I told him it came from Birks. And do you know what he said to me?"
Anthony winced in anticipation.
"He said, 'great, that'll make a perfect gift for my dad's birthday'! His dad! Anthony, I have a dad's wallet!"

Edited to add a P.S. that ties this to other fandoms: apparently Nathan Fillion is considered by many to be THE ideal actor to play Quant should he ever make it onto the large or small screen. Having already read the first three novels I must say YEAH! to that ... Fillion would have a field day with this character. (With Luba Goy as his mother!)
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