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Some Sunday entertainment ... the legendary Spike Jones, who could incorporate absolutely anything as an intrument in one of his musical arrangements. Humour aside, he was a well-respected and talented drummer, arranger and conductor and worked with very skilled musicians and other artists ... this kind of zaniness can only be successfully pulled off by people who are already very good at the serious side of their art. When I was a kid, one of the great treats of going to my grandparents' house was having grandpa play some of their collection of Spike Jones 78s for us ... pure fascination at the speed, the silliness, and how all those unexpected sounds and voices combined into coherent music. Never actually SAW a performance until relatively recently, when old footage started to appear on the Internet. I'm glad so many performances have been preserved, especially since the mind behind it died far too young (Jones' near-frantic gumchewing on camera is very obvious ... he was a heavy smoker and died of emphysema)

(love the "tails" version of Jones' trademark windowpane check in this one)
Tags: listening, silliness, viewing

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