JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Getting ready ...

The beginnings of the Bamf kit came in the mail today. Dyed by you-know-who. From left to right:
Black: Did I Listen To Pop Music Because I Was Miserable? Or Was I Miserable Because I Listened to Pop Music? (High Fidelity)
Red: Only the Exact Phrase I Used Was "Don't" (Firefly)
Blue: TARDIS (Doctor Who)
Grey: Don't Blink (Doctor Who) ... yeah, I know the gloves and boots should be white, but it was the lightest colourway currently in stock and I wanted to see if it was a high enough contrast to the dark shades that I could get away with it. It is possible ... but I may end up special ordering "Oooo Shiny!", which is a lighter grey (have to check if that's still on the regular colour chart). As I said in another forum, I'll just claim he was out boozing with Wolvie and fell over a few times. ;-) (the other alternative is trying for a pale version of "Tweety of Versailles", in which case the story is out boozing with Wolvie too many times and falling over a LOT, with uniform getting yellowed after too many times through the X-laundry)
Tags: bamf!, knitting

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