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Breakfast "Foreigner" on the three of three of threes

Am trying to decide whether I should worry that doing these has led to me automatically checking for prime number combos when I look at the date ...

At least I haven't started twitching at the sight of paired opposing doors in hallways. Yet. ;p

From "Protector" (volume 14)
"I have grown quite happy in my human associates, Bren-ji."

And a question for my own reading associates, who've now both passed this part of the story:
Barb: what do you think of her?

Me, I find her obsession with the Bren's family quite creepy ... first Bren, then Bren and Toby's mother, and then Toby. Who next ... the long-absent estranged father? I can't help seeing the serial-Cameroning as the symptom of something potentially nasty yet to come.
That and she's damned lucky that Jago, being a Guild member, isn't permitted to take out a personal Filing ... Barb's this-is-what-you've-been-missing-out-on come-on to Bren when Toby was out of the room was legal grounds, with the added insult of implying that Bren's relationship with Jago only existed because he didn't have a human woman available and that he'd drop it if he was offered an opportunity.
I also suspect that Jago may have had a moment of jealousy when Tano got to do something she'd been wanting to (and, sweet as he usually is, I suspect his apology was purely expected manners and nothing more). Another bit of pure luck for Barb, I suppose ... if Jago and Tano's positions had been reversed, one suspects Jago's reaction would have been lethal. ;-)
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