JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Ah well ...

If one of one's favourite comic characters has, somehow, got himself banned from returning through Marvel's revolving door of death (which leads one to wonder what a fictional being has to do to the editors to rate that?), at least he gets to have adventures in the afterlife (about halfway through the article, plus first illo at the bottom). Gotta be better than hanging out inside Logan's mind which, according to another visitor, "smells like a burned out strip club."

For some reason I have this powerful urge to knit a celebratory Bamf ... ;p

EDITED TO ADD: Jason Aaron talking about bringing Kurt back ... that he's a fan of the Davis/Claremont "Excalibur" version is a very good sign (says she who owns the entire run of the original "Excalibur" ... shame they won't be using that Pacheco costume though ***GRIN***)
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