JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Yet another "Garrett" tease

They get a few years older over the course of the books, but Garrett and Morley remain prone to amusing themselves with some buddy banter when there's a quiet moment in the chaos. From "Gilded Latten Bones" (volume thirteen):
"Is it even possible for men to get past adolescence?"
"Maybe not. I'm missing Old Bones big-time right now. He could share centuries of observation."
"Meaning he could answer your question. Me, I think we can't help but act like juvenile idiots till we can't contribute to the continuation of our tribes anymore."
"If we were well behaved and thought with our heads ..."
"We're slaves to our little best friends. But the gods had a reason for making us that way."
"A disgusting digresssion. But you're probably right. And the gods made sure that girls are dim enough to believe anything we tell them until they're old. Nature wants that next generation's boots on the ground before anything else."
"Because we do think, though, we make it more of an adventure by coming up with ways to get around Nature."
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