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Your morning dose of "Foreigner" tease

Just for a change ... rather than a sentence, a scene I know both the known catch-up readers have safely passed, so just throwing it in because I've always thought THIS should have been the cover painting instead of the dreadful thing that was actually used. It certainly would have caught bookstore browsers' attention. ;-)
From "Pretender" (volume 8):
"Access," Banichi said, wrapping a towel about his waist. "Everything is a question of access and the propriety of the house. This Timani is vague on the matter of his man'chi, and until someone owns up to him and his partner, we do not allow him --"
The foyer door had opened, not a furtive opening, but a thump. In a single stride Banichi elbowed Bren out of the way, had his gun in hand, and stood to meet an arrival in the bedroom.
"Daja-ma," Banichi said in dismay.
Bren put his head through the door. Only two women alive rated that "my lady" from Banichi. And the visitor was not the dowager. It was Damiri. Tabini-aiji's wife. Mother of the heir. She was resplendent in a silk robe of muted green with the white Atageini lilies. Banichi and he stood there in towels. Her own bodyguard was in attendance, two women in Assassins' black leather, professionally impassive, standing behind her. Dared one suspect amusement in the lady's eyes?
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