JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Weekend preparation checklist ...

2. Shift one of chickenshoot's socks onto Heavy Metal needles because brain finally that, despite self's love of knitting both socks in a pair at once, brioche stitch is easier to finagle one at a time: done

3. Haul out brioche book and refresh memory on how the heck one does brioche in the round so can actually work on said socks: done (the transferred one is two rows further along than its mate now)

4. Do necessary needle tip and stopper juggling necessary to shift Lattice shawl onto the longer cable that arrived in the mail this week: done

All thanks to 1. Get home from work and realize that while one batched up project books for weekend overtime-in-comfort-of-home, one forgot to actually yank and bring home the book tickets so that one would actually know what books one was cataloguing (I'm blaming being distracted by surprise visit this afternoon from downtown counterpart which led to work planning discussion and revamping computer connections to public library's temporary server ... we can interact again!): done (though not on purpose)

Which leads to:

5. Actually get some knitting done this weekend; after a week of icky far-too-hot, gonna be cold and rainy again which is ideal playing-with-wool weather. Still have a chunk o' overtime stuff I can do (and is the more urgent part of what I'd planned), but that's only maybe 4-5 hours that I can do on/off as the mood takes me (and I've got BBC radio shows that urgently need listening to that I'll be playing during that ... multitasking!!!): will be done

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