JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A "Foreigner" tease for fortuitous five

From "Deliberations"
"Let us confound our enemies, and our allies-- who are, between the two of us, one and the same."

For those playing this "game", I've just done a quick tally in my head and overall, counting all fourteen existing novels plus this short story, "Foreigner" contains six different points of view so far ... five human and four atevi. I say so far because Cherryh has said that volume fifteen adds a fifth atevi POV which will even the score (the atevi will just appreciate the two fives and avoid comparing or adding them). :-) (Yes, I know who the new narrator is. And it's gonna be GOOD!!! ***EVIL GRIN***)

Leaves me wondering whose eyes the finished-but-not-yet-online second short story will be seen through; supposed to be about Bren's first few days as paidhi. Wonder if that'll give us any kind of peek inside Wilson's head? (might not be pleasant but would certainly be interesting)
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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