JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

So, just for something to do on these less fortuitious even-numbered days ...

... a little "Garrett, P.I." tease. From "Gilded Latten Bones" (volume 13)
The sun was up when I awakened. So was the queen of crime, in a good mood despite being caught in the inelegant process of riding a chamber pot.

Hmmmm ... gonna have to find an appropriate userpic for these ... (done! The trick was finding a cover painting of a hatless Garrett. Bit of a running gag there ... in most volumes Garrett manages to mention how he rarely ever wears hats because he hates them. 12 out of 14 covers portray him wearing a hat. One suspects this is WHY the author has the character keep repeating himself)
Tags: bookseries: garrett, reading

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