JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,



Heather Mallick's first book, Pearls in Vinegar : the Pillow Book of Heather Mallick, is finally out (actually, I confess, I saw it the day I went to the optometrist, but between my dilated pupils, the bright lights and the very shiny dustjacket, I wasn't capable of appreciating or browsing it). I'd already decided I wanted this long before it was published ... I don't always agree with Mallick's politics or fashion taste, but she has always makes me think and/or laugh (depending on which of her columns I was reading). :-)

P.S. Guess I haven't been scanning the shelves at work thoroughly enough ... according to the company website, we have this in stock! More shopping on Monday (while dodging D., who is trying to get/keep the shelves stocked for the massive customer appreciation sale that starts on Wednesday and who keeps "lecturing" me every time she sees me at the cash desk ***grin***).

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