JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Incentive to make an effort to finally master crochet

Thousand Petals

It's not that I can't crochet. I can and have ... I actually was taught how to crochet many years before I learned to knit. Somewhere around here is a lovely three dimensional rose that I hooked in very thin ivory yarn several years ago, when I was trying to learn. Which proves to me that I not only can do it, I can do it well and beyond the simple basics.

But the key word in this is learn. If I sit down with instructional diagrams and follow them, I can crochet. After a while without having to look at the how-to. Provided I don't stop. If something like the need for food or sleep intervenes, I have to start over with the diagrams again as if I've never done it before. For some reason my brain cannot learn crochet. Most frustrating. Especially considering the fact that with knitting, the technique embedded itself in my brain in minutes. I've set that craft aside for years sometimes and yet have always been able to pick it up again as if I'd never paused, without cracking open a book for any type of refresher ... my knitting book collection is either patterns or about engineering and math and less common techniques and tricks that I haven't done before or do rarely. The performance of the craft always comes back as instinctive as breathing. Same for basic sewing and embroidery stitches, and while I haven't operated a loom since high school, the basics of weaving are right there in my head as well ... it'd take very little warming up to get me back into the rhythm of that. Even tatting ... I never got expert at that because, honestly, those metal shuttles that are all one can find in shops today are utter crap; I've seen old, non-metal ... looked like ivory ... shuttles in antique shops and I may indulge in one of those one day, just to try it again with a shuttle bobbin that actually turns easily instead of having to be yanked. I'd definitely have to crack the books to refresh myself on doing it. But I know the technique itself came easily when I was playing with tatting the first time and the only thing I had to keep consulting was the instructions for the pattern I was following, not those for how to do the stitches.

But crochet ... it just never happens. Doesn't click. Or hasn't yet. And I think it's extra annoying to me that it hasn't just because anything else to do with fibres and fabrics has.

One day I'll crack whatever block is in my brain and get this thing. One day ...

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