JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

It's not the traditional day and this isn't a "Foreigner" tease

Just a little quote from Cherryh herself, from a last-year discussion in her blog about figuring out her characters. hadesgirl made me think of it when I merrily replied to her comment yesterday ... took me a while to track it down because I couldn't recall whether it was something Herself had posted or whether it was somebody in the Shejidan forum quoting something she'd said to them at a con. Doesn't spoil anything, but may well add a new spin to what you've already read. ;-)

It sounds kind of weird, but sometimes characters arrive and then tell me who they are…

It took Algini a long time to open up even a little bit.

Tano is the outgoing one…but Tano’s very ‘bubbly’ manner is itself pretty good camouflage, for both of them.

Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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