JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A "Foreigner" tease for the glorious three of threes!

Back to this year's volume fourteen:

"How much much have you told them?"
"That the bodyguards mean business, and that you don't touch people. Particularly people with bodyguards."

And a bonus bit from the last (thirteenth) "Garrett" novel to celebrate the fact that that series' own volume fourteen is due out next month ... hurrah! (unlike Cherryh, Glen Cook is evil and makes the fans wait at least three years between each of Garrett's cases):

Belinda squeezed my left elbow. She had some grip for a girl. "Garrett, your job is to keep your mouth shut, look pretty, and break the legs of anybody who tries to hurt Morley."
I could do two out of three blindfolded but the mouth thing has been a lifelong challenge.

Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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