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A little recreational reading

Finished reading L. Sprague de Camp's Rogue Queen today, one of those landmark, must-read science fiction novels that I'd known about for a long time but had never got hold of. Until it recently took up residence on my Kobo (new reason to love that company ... they've acquired a ton of good quirky older titles that haven't been in print for ages). :-) Was mildly amused by the datedness of the spacefaring human culture ... very VERY '50s. But it's also quite obvious that de Camp was snarking at that decade's male/female stereotypes by writing them the way he did, which is a trademark of his ***GRIN***. The two main nonhuman characters are great fun and their antlike culture is fascinating, with some twists in both its present and past (any other SF I've read that tries to deal with a colony culture tends to look at it from a human viewpoint from the outside ... in this novel it's seen through the eyes of those who live in it).

Now have to decide what's next in my classics reading list: I have Jack Vance's complete Tschai series ("The Chasch", "The Wannek", "The Dirdir", and "The Pnume") and a compilation of nine of Thorne Smith's novels (I own "Topper" and "The Bishop's jaegers" in paper form, but "The stray lamb", "Turnabout", "The night life of the gods", "Topper takes a trip", "Rain in the doorway", "Skin and bones", and "The glorious pool" are all new to me). Decisions, decisions ...
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