JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Long weekend bits and pieces ...

Monday is a stat holiday up here plus I took Friday off as well, giving myself four days of R&R. It's been mostly cool and rainy outside so I've listened to a lot of music, watched some David Attenborough plus had myself a "Fawlty Towers" marathon, did some clean-up work in my personal library databases and updated all three of them (books, viewing, and listening) on my webpage, read one old-but-new-to-me Yarn Harlot book, two Retief novellas (seems like centuries since I read any Keith Laumer), an issue of Textisles that I bought ages ago, the new book about indricotheres (very good stuff but then Prothero invariably is), the latest issue of Threads magazine, and am currently continuing my X-Men catch-up reading by finally having reached the stage where Logan is a school headmaster (1,000 demerits for "trespassing inside the internal organs of a professor" SNERK!!!). I swear, anotheranon, I honestly thought you were joking when you mentioned this a short while back, but I certainly believe you now as I'm about to start into volume three of "Wolverine and the X-Men" (if I can stop giggling long enough to focus)

All this fun has been interspersed with mundanities, like catching up on some of the domestic backlog caused by my living in overtime for several months, but how much laundry I've done isn't worth posting. ;p

And still one more day to go! :-)

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