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New listening

BBC radio shows I've recently discovered (and may or may not have ended up purchasing as AudioGo downloads)

Deep Trouble: comedy about the crew of a British nuclear stealth submarine. Think "Red Dwarf" underwater. In spirit only though ... the characters and plots are definitely not rehashes of that beloved space comedy; the whole thing stands very nicely on its own two feet. Or, rather, cruises very nicely on its own engines. ;p

The Spaceship: this one took a bit of mental adjustment to get used to but once my brain got into the groove it was very good. It's slower than most British comedy because it's written and performed as if it were a reality TV show ... the funny requires that you first get to know the personalities of the various characters. Only season 2 is currently available as a download, so getting to know the already established quirks took a little while ... worth it though and the all the quirks and bizarre little interactions between crew who've been stuck together in space FAR too long became much funnier on the second listen. Hopefully season 1 will be available one day (or I'll manage to catch a rebroadcast on the BBC Radio website)

When the Dog Dies: Seems like a rambling, gentle comedy on the surface, thanks to Ronnie Corbett's mild and cozy performance, but there's a lot of dark humour, and sometimes just dark, under the surface. Along with much about the joys of little things in life.

Chambers: Only a best-of compilation of four episodes (two from season two, two from season three) available for download, but a little treasure is better than none ... happily this one is still rerun fairly regularly on BBC, but it's nice to have a few eps to listen to on demand. Sharp and occasionally surreal (thanks to John Bird being in the cast) law court humour.

On the Town with The League of Gentlemen: I've loved the TV series for many many years; this is the original radio series that preceded it. The town is called Spent rather than Royston Vasey but it's still the end of the line and full of dark and warped humour and very strange people ... some familiar and further developed in the television version and some who are only possible on radio.

And currently giving a first listen to Boxer and Doberman ... so far, so VERY good. Cop comedy set in Edinburgh, following Bob Boxer, a dour old-school police detective and his partner, the more modern Shona Doberman who also narrates the tales and shares her inner thoughts and impressions of her partner and the cases. Dark homicide-cop-style humour with a Scottish brogue and a sprinkle of ludicrous.
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