JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Tidbits of history

Wanna learn more about Canada/Canadians? Try the Heritage Minutes: one-minute movies that are broadcast as "commercials" on Canadian television ... each one about a particular person, event, or custom. There are names in the index list on the right that may surprise you, such as Sitting Bull, Marconi and Jackie Robinson (yes, they all have a Canadian connection ... go find out what it is). On the website each Heritage Minute is accompanied by a brief essay that tells more of the story. Watch one per day and you'll be an expert on the Great White North in no time! ;-)

Now, let's see who'll be the first of you able to name the hockey player who used to knit his own socks, sweaters, and long underwear. (that's not what his lasting fame is based on, but in his day he was also well known for doing this ... he figured it was a better of use of his time on the road than hanging out in bars)
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