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I've played the "What's in your to-read pile right now?" game before in the LJs of friends, but I don't recall anybody ever asking "What have you been listening to?" Asking favourite artists or titles or genres, yes, but not the actual listening. So, inspired by having just picked up the stack of CDs I've been playing from by the player on the premise that it was on the verge of toppling if I didn't start putting them away, I decided to note 'em here first. If nothing else this'll shed some light on what triggered a few of the recent music video posts. ;p

From the bottom of the stack to the top (oldest to most recently played):

"The Essential Eartha Kitt", by Eartha Kitt.
"Old Harry's Game: The Christmas Specials, 2010", by Andy Hamilton (because the part about Satan taking a mini-break in the Lake Country is hilarious at any time of year, that's why)
"The Idan Raichel Project", by The Idan Raichel Project.
"The Lion's Roar", by First Aid Kit.
"Balamouk", by Les Yeux Noirs.
"Coles Corner", by Richard Hawley.
"Primeval", by Rare Air.
"Below the Salt", by Steeleye Span.
"Night Train", by The Oscar Peterson Trio.
"Bootleg", by The Downchild Blues Band.
"In the Dark with You", by Greg Brown.
"Gold", by Steppenwolf.
"Emotional Rain", by Lee Aaron.
"Call of the Wild", by Lee Aaron.
"Metal Queen", by Lee Aaron.
"East of Edson", by Captain Tractor (actually this one's playing right now ... suppose I'd better not reshelve this case just yet or I'll be wondering where it is later)
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