JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Further Kobo exploration

Handles graphics very well though any external light source reflecting off or glaring on the screen is noticeable ... not the case with reading plain text. The screen is matte so there's not a lot of that ... just a matter of adjusting one's angle a little to get rid of it. Need to manually magnify to full screen for readability (at least that's the case with the title I'm currently reading), but that only takes a couple of seconds at the beginning and then it's set for the rest of that session. Also found it best to change the page refresh to every page instead of the every six pages I had it set on for text, otherwise there was sometimes a bit of previous page ghosting. All images in black and white, of course, since the only colour Kobo is the multimedia Arc which I didn't want, but that's no biggie ... like film noir, one sees more details in black and white and I can sit down at my computer and read via either the Kobo Desktop or Adobe Digital Editions if I want to see the thing in colour.

Right now I'm reading James Hudnall's original "Harsh Realm" ... one of those out-of-print titles that's been on my must-track-down list for quite a while. Kobo has all of the also-out-of-print Middleman graphics available as well (and I'm planning on buying those as soon as my Paypal top-up goes through); I'm liking very much that they've got a lot of no-longer-available-in-paper-format titles in their catalogue. My still-favouritest feature though is that any title I purchase from them is mine, just like buying a paper copy ... it's downloaded into my computer in its entirety and I can back it up onto an external drive, load it into any device, or otherwise preserve it however I choose, I have multiple software options to open and read it (I actually find the ADE screen far preferable to the Kobo Desktop for comfortable computer reading), and if Kobo goes bust tomorrow I'll still have access to every bit of my e-library for as long as I want to have it. This is how I've always envisioned the concept of ebooks. :-)

Another interesting discovery ... the Kobo website has automatic Pinterest buttons on all titles. I don't recall noticing these before ... not sure if I just wasn't paying attention, they're a very new tweak due to Kobo and Pinterest sharing a parent company, or they only suddenly started showing because I finally created a Pinterest account. Handy, though.

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