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As part of that whole trying out planning thing ...

I did get some 3-colour combos of my Rocky Mountain Dyeworks Mt. Sparrowhawk Sock skeins photographed and loaded into Pinterest for comparison. One thing jumps out right away ... the only colourway that has a fighting chance with the "Red Hot Pink" is the "Dark Opal". And even that looks better elsewhere, so the pink needs a solo project.

Part of the challenge with mixing and matching these skeins is that the dyer previously known as Rocky Mountain Dyeworks (relaunched as as Raventwist last year) creates her colourways as seasonal themes and I have a mixture here. "Blue Adonis" is from a Lepidoptera series, same as the vivid "Purply Bog Copper" and "Luna" that I used to make my purple and green shawl. "Dark Opal" and "Citrine" are from a minerals series, "Dandelion" and "Falling Leaves" from a botanical series. "Red Hot Pink" is, I suspect, some sort of standalone. Not that they can't mix and match across themes ... I thought "Citrine" and "Dandelion" belonged together as soon as I saw them. Later I realized that "Citrine" and "Blue Adonis" shared certain identical amber hues, while some of "Dark Opal"'s tones were also identical to "Citrine"'s. "Dark Opal" also looks great with "Falling Leaves", so does "Blue Adonis" (those amber tones again). The latter also having enough greenish tints to companion well with "Dandelion". Pairings are easy. Putting together trios is more of a challenge. Not that I HAVE to use these yarns in threes or in any numerical combination whatsoever ... I just want to see what, if any, possibilities there are. What one can produce with a single skein is limited ... mixing exponentially increases one's options.

I confess the temptation to throw all six into a chaos muppet Spatial Distortion: Shift or Swoop is very strong. ;-)
Tags: knitting

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