JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

And then the designer goes and releases a new pattern ...

The brand-new Happy Street by the same person who came up with Color Affection. Yet another use for a 3-colour yarn combo. And the really nice thing about these Veera Välimäki designs is that they're reversible ... no having to think about hiding a not-so-attractive wrongside when flinging them on.

Other possibilities: Olana and Northmavine Hap

(I have 21 2-colour shawl patterns that I like favourited on Rav ... not even gonna THINK about mere two colour combos for those right now. Though Zephyr Cove is a strong contender for my wanting to use "Vicious Penguin" and "Goth to a Flame" together because it's got large enough solid areas to really show off those colourways mirroring of each other)

Just to add to all this, Indigodragonfly is posting a yarn update later today. I was already coveting some in-stock "We Gotta Go To the Crappy Town Where I'm a Hero" silk that I think would look good with my "Kale to the Chief!" (which I've decided is not compatible with either of my other silks, "Claws ..." and "The Elmocist"), but I'll wait and see what other tempting goodies are going to appear (they have this new colour called "Sargasm" ...)
Tags: knitting

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