JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Making semi-constructive use of my time ...

Am still contemplating Color Affection and the possibilities of yarns already in my stash ('cause, y'know, having a zillion half-done projects NEVER keeps one from planning a new one) and decided to take advantage of decent bright daylight today to photograph colour combos and stick them on Pinterest for reference. Wasn't considering the Merino Sock variegateds for this particular pattern as their multi-colours would just muddy both each other and the striping, but figured that since I had the camera fired up any I might as well mix'n'match them on the off chance (I've definitely always liked the idea of using "Vicious Penguin" and "Goth to a Flame" together in something just because they're practically mirror images of each other's colour distributions). And still haven't got a skein of hadesgirl's suggestion of "Don't Wear This on Star Trek" in Merino Nylon Sock as an alternate to "Not a Suitable Date for a Mormon" in that combo ... but that's on the to-do list. Meanwhile I like having all the possibilities on one screen to see which pop the most (a pity one can't rearrange them for better comparison, but maybe that'll be a future feature ...)

Still have six skeins of Mt. Sparrowhawk Sock to mix/match/photograph but the clouds moved in and gloomed up my light ... those'll have to wait for the return of the sun.

P.S. There'd be something very psychologically satisfying about using the Reaver Chipmunks and Zombie Squirrels side-by-side just based on the names. But visually ... definitely no!

Edited to add: Also under consideration: The Shift version of Spatial Distortion (aka an excuse to buy even MORE colours!)
Tags: knitting

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