JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Contemplating a new toy ...

Yep, the person who rarely ever possesses gadgets is considering buying an e-reader. Try not to faint (or, if the shock makes it unavoidable, make sure you land on something soft, k?)

Being me, though, I'm looking at Kobo Readers since I have a strong preference for single purpose gadgetry (my phone is for talking on, I have camera for taking photos, etc.). Part of that is my liking for clean, utilitarian design ... multi-use = fussy in my head. And part because I've seen too many people with multipurpose supergadgets end up not being able to do anything when the silly things contract the electronic equivalent of the dreaded lurgi. Not a pretty sight when that happens. The Kobo readers also have the added advantage of being able to handle several different types of ebooks, being fully compatible with all ebooks circulated by the public library here, the Kobo website keeps an archive of all one's purchased books so that they can be redownloaded at no extra cost if the e-lurgi does strike, plus Kobo ebooks are compatible with non-Kobo ereaders and can be transferred from one device to another. All very strong points in their favour, IMO.

Soooo ... knowing all that ...

Definitely not interested in the Arc ... there's already a VCR, DVD/CD player, CD/cassette boombox, television, and radio (3 of those actually: boombox, clock radio, and stereo receiver/tuner) in this place so any sound and motion entertainment I desire is more than amply provided for and I see no logic in having an ebook that duplicates that. And I'm not planning to carry the thing around with me, so no need for the compactness of the Mini either. Leaving it a toss-up between the Touch and the Glo. Both have stacks of positive reviews but I figure I'll likely end up with a Glo ... many good things being said about its ease on the eyes. Next step, of course, is to stroll over to the neighbourhood Chapters/Indigo store and take a look at the real thing. :-) (and then I'll have to pick a colour!)
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