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Yummy things!

Treats from Indigodragonfly ... I love whoever the letter carrier was today, sight unseen, just because they determinedly crammed the big squishy envelope into my mailbox (without damaging it in any way) so I could have it today instead of having to do the whole parcel notice/pickup thing. :-)

From top to bottom: 2 skeins of the new OctoBaa yarn (100% 8-ply superwash merino) in "Squid-Snackin' Barbie (Hastily Recalled Edition)", 1 skein of Bleats, Shoots & Leaves (65% merino, 20% bamboo, 15% silk) in "I Was Trying to Make the Cow Make Chocolate Milk! (Walter - Fringe)", and 1 skein of Merino Silk 4ply Sock (50% superwash merino, 50% silk) in "Kale to the Leaf!"

And for those who are trying to make out what my current reading is, it's the seventh "Evil Inc. Annual Report", which arrived on Friday. ;-)
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